When Do You Know You Need a New POS System?

When searching for a new or improved Point of Sale solution for your hospitality or food retail business, the options have never been greater or, frankly, more confusing. No one has time to look at all of the alternatives.

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So what are the signs that you have outgrown your current point of sale system?

  1. Your front counter has become the primary service bottleneck in your venue
  2. Your staff or your customers look frustrated or annoyed while orders are being entered at your POS terminal
  3. Orders regularly require correction due to inaccurate sale entry or inefficient in-house communication
  4. Your revenue is suffering due to staff not upselling effectively or including the optional extras in the sale
  5. You are not getting reliable, succinct data for venue performance analysis
  6. There is no way of automating and reporting on the success of in-house promotions you set up
  7. Your current hardware is no longer operating dependably
Uniwell's new HX-5500 POS terminal - #uniquelyuniwell

In challenging times, hospitality businesses need to be getting the most out of the technology available to them. Don’t let the lack of the proper business tools be a reason for venue failure

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Article originally posted on the Uniwell4POS blog & used with permission.

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